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Savefile for magic resistance bug

Prince of Kitties

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Here it is:




You need Drakefyre's Alternate Party Maker for this savefile.


Enter combat mode, cast Resist Magic, wait, and keep casting it and waiting until the Vahnatai captain casts a slow or curse spell. Then repeat with just waits, and no magic resistance. The singleton probably won't die on you - he has 20 luck and the Vahnatai doesn't dish out huge damage.

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In the save file the PC records start at place 62,298. Status effects for each PC start at place 96 in the relevant record, with the first address in the record being place 0. I don't know which status is which. Alter one at a time and see what happens in the game.


I think Protection does protect against fire at least.


Edit: thus the first or only PC should have their status listings start at place 62,394.

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Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha
Edit: thus the first or only PC should have their status listings start at place 62,394.
But what if the only PC is in slot 3? A singleton party does not always have a party member in slot 1, and in fact I believe it is more common to find one in slot 3, because the prefab party member for that slot has the most skill points.
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See my post on Save Game File Decrypting. Each PC record is 1,898 bytes in length. Thus add (2*1,898) + 62,394 to get 66,190.


Resist Magic might not be as powerful as Protection. When Mr Att was hit with Unholy Ravaging, Resist Magic seemed to give a protection of only one level.


Guesses as to the meaning of each status:

1. Poison weapon

2. Bless

3. Poison

4. Haste

5. Invulnerable

6. Resistant?

7. Web

8. Disease

9. Sanctuary

10. Dumbfound

11. Martyr’s Shield

12. Sleep

13. Paralysis

14. Acid

15. ?

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Here's the order they appear in the graphics sheet:

Poison         Major Poison      BlessCurse          Poisoned Weapon   InvulnerableHasted         Normal            SlowedResist Magic   Web               DiseaseSanctuary      Dumbfound         Martyr's ShieldSleep          Paralysis         Acid


Note: "Normal" refers to the icon that appears when you are neither hasted nor slowed.




I have no idea whether that order is relevant to the number representing it in the save file, but it's worth considering.


If you group Poison with Major Poison, Bless with Curse, and Haste with Slow and Normal, then that gives a total of 14 status effects, which is the number you've guessed at. Coincidence?

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Looking at the source file party.cpp, I get the impression that the PC status magic resistance protects against fire and cold while item ability Magical Protection protects against magic.

From around line 2771:

// Mag. res helps w. fire and cold

if (((damage_type == DAMAGE_FIRE) || (damage_type == DAMAGE_COLD)) && (status[5] > 0))

how_much /= 2;

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