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blades of exile problem


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well i am not sure what is OS, but if it's operation system than i am using windows xp.

i had this problem before, and someone suggedted me to reinstall, and now i have it again, i heard it's a problem with the maidword font, and was told to check if the program's directory contains the file. i don't know where is the program directory, but the file does exists in the game folder.

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Go to your WINDOWS folder, and you should see a folder named "FONTS" in there. Drag and Drop your MAIDWORD font (the one in the game directory) into this folder. That will install it into Windows (it will not harm your system).




Try re-downlaoding the game. It's possible your installation file itself got corrupted or damaged while you were downloading it.


So uninstall your game, then re-download the installation file and install. It will hopefully work.


- Archmagi Micael



OS does mean operating system, and the game folder is the program directory.

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It's a wild guess, but maybe your screen resolution is too low? If the buttons are actually off the screen as opposed to mashed up, try right-clicking your desktop, then clicking properties.


Somewhere on this screen should be a slider which says screen resoultion. Change it too 800 x 600. That might work.

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