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SpiderWeb Glitch


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On this website, sometimes I log off then when I get back on I look and all of the light bulbs are on which indicates that there is a new post in that area. I check, and there isn't.


Some of you may say that I need to e-mail Jeff, but I don't really think it is important enough to do. Also, its not like I really care, I am just wondering if any of you guys (and girls) have the same problem.

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Originally written by VCH:

I have 2 do that nearly every time I open the page. Annoying!

Ok, I know I can't just post that^ . I'll make it a bit more worthwhile:

As I said in the original post, I don't think this is important enough to tell the big man upstairs (or rather, downstairs , in the basement) about this small problem, its not like he will be able to do anything. Maybe its just my computer thats messed up.
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