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1. In GF, I accidentally renamed the auto save file and now want to renamed it back to original but can't. How do I solve this problem? For that matter, how do I delete any unwanted files just so I don't get confused the new game ones with old ones????


2. I want to register for BoE, but want to get BoA as well for some discount. However, my pc is window, so I can't ply the BoE now until the other is out. Is it possible to do preorder of BoA so that I can register for BoE and play its scenarios waiting for the new BoA?




PS: I want to commend on your AV trilogy hintbooks. They are useful and fulfilling, certainly made up for what GF hintbooks lack (maybe due to style of games - but you really need to do spellchecks on GF hintbooks) laugh

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confused I don't know too much of question 1 but try this: Check the files to see if they are old or new and if they are old delete them but just incase you forget the file just write the file name down.


P.S. I've never used or bother buying the hint books, neither have my brothers for the Exile trilogy and the Avernum trilogy and yet we've beaten them. It may have taken use a while to beat them but its worth it. I don't neccesarily see why people need hint books. So thats what I have to say. tongue

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