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Nethergate outside map error


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I played Nethergate (as the Romans) for an hour or so, and after beating the goblins in the cave, I crossed out of the valley. With the minimap up, I was traversing the outside for about 30 seconds, when the game froze. After terminating the program I restarted. Same problem experienced. I tried to live with it, saving every 20 seconds or so, but it is incredibly frustrating. I have Windows 98SE with the download off Spiderweb two months ago. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Could be a lot of things; probably either a video card or another program that doesn't get along well with Nethergate. Do you have anything else running in the background while playing Nethergate?


You could also try changing your monitor resolution to see if that makes a difference; I believe Nethergate prefers 800x600 and thousands of colours, but I'm not sure.

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