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Bundle ordering

Lauren CW

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Originally written by Explode Thuryl Now:
I'm pretty sure the bundle discount and the Exile-owners' discount aren't cumulative. Sorry.
I wasn't talking about putting the discounts for the bundle and the exile owner together. I was just wondering, if I were to get the bundle, would it be 10$ off each avernum game for having all 3 exile ones... *yawn* I'm a bit confused now. >w<
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Well, see, the thing is that if you start with the current price of the bundle package (already discounted for November Sadness) and apply three $10 discounts (one for each Exile game), the price becomes less than $20. I just don't see Jeff giving away three games for that price. But hey, there's no harm in asking.

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Check the order form . You can get all three Avernum games together for $49.50.


Of course you could get the $10 discount on the three games individually (and for a total price that's somewhat less than the bundle), but I doubt Jeff will let you double-dip by getting the bundle price and the discount on top of it.

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