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Blades of Avernum HELP


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Okay well I got the registered version of BoA. Its great and I just started to play a Small Rebellion but today when I tried to play it the game went all screwy. Right when the game was about to start a warning came up saying, There was an error when trying to load graphic 3001 please exit and restart this game so I did but it never worked. After that warning comes up(everything behind it is black but I can still hear the music) I press buttons till I get to teh menu screen. The startup screen pops up that shows I have never played this game before. I look down and it says I am unregeistered and the original code is different. I don't know what to do. confusedconfusedconfused

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My registered of BoA just crashed on me (it just dropped dead on me when I started the game) and forced me to reboot, and now when I start the game it says 'Unregistered version' and 'Registration code 0', so I can't use my code to simply reregister the game. Any suggestions what I should do? (Oh, and I didn't copy the game .dat-file before the crash...)

Thought I should ask if there is a simple fix to it before I start whining at the good people at Spiderweb.

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Tried that, but it didn't work... The 'Unregistered version' and 'Registration code 0' seem to be stored in the old .dat-file. I guess I better mail the people at Spiderweb.


I guess you should make a backup of the .dat-file immediately after registering since the game isn't all to stable (I just registered it this morning, and now it has crashed and burned).

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