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I recently downloaded it and the start the mouse moves very slow and when you move into formation and all that. The whole game runs fine, though. Even when you save\load games it slows down to a really irritatingly slow, choppy movement that you get really tired of pretty quick.


However, if I download Microsoft's Direct X(8.0, I think) would it make the part go better?


I mean, I save a LOT and I mean a LOT. Especially the woody part with a whole bunch of snakes because I don't want to die and lose all of those skins. I'm saving to buy the best of the weapons for my dog(I'm going to name him Fido!)my player(Haven't decided what I'm going to name his name yet)and that one girl(What's her name? I totally forgot what it was.) I think its best to have a larger party the better because the less vulnerable you are to larger groups of snakes, large snakes, rats, and especially SCORPIONS! I hate those things. By the shore they always gang up on my group and kill the life out of them. Otherwise, they are pretty easy if you take them on one by one.


Just so you know, I know where to get direct X 8.0 or the latest version so don't bother telling me the website. But, anyway, I hope someone answers my question. Cause I don't want to download that for nothin!


*Thanks for any help.*

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Originally posted by Wizard:
What do you mean that you cannot get DirectX for XP? DO you mean that Microsoft site says that its for 98 or other but not to XP? Try to use Windows Update, it should be located there
I see. Thank you.

Tails: Have you? Try answering this: at the part to light up the braziers, how do you light up the northernmost 2?
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Originally posted by Lady J:
The title "canned" is given to members who frequently make unnecessary spamming posts for the purpose of raising their post counts. Usually, these posts are incoherent and irrelevant to the subject matter, or consist of just one word.
Yep. My brother goes on here sometimes. I do that sometimes but hardly ever just ONE word.

§-My other post wasn't considered spam, was it?

EDIT:I have to edit it to get my sig back, right? laugh
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