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editor problem.

green kid

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okaaay.. i looked at this but it doesnt help much.

1. If you run the editor and it immediately gives you a ton of errors (like that it can't find the "Warrior's Grove" file), you need to move the editor application (.exe file) itself into the "Data" (Windows) or "Blades of Avernum Files" (Mac) folder.

2. If you are asking for help because you are getting an error in a script, include the EXACT text of the error, the script you are getting it in, and point out which line you are getting the error at. To answer questions, we need specific information


i got the "Data" file. the only error is warriors grove is missing. and what is the "exe" file. i need a picture of it or something cause theres lots of exe files related to the BoA editor.

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Uh... I don't quite understand exactly what kind of error you're talking about. In fact, all I can tell from your post is that you use Windows.


Did you try the read me file?


And there's no need to post this in two forums... (EDIT: Good to see that Kel noticed it as well)

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The .exe file in question is the one that you actually double-click on to open the editor. When you open the editor, the .exe file is the thing you're clicking on.


Move that .exe into the Data folder (not the Data file, which doesn't exist, but the Data folder).


Alternatively, just use the 3D Editor and avoid all this mess.

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You don't need to download the source code. That's only if you want to modify the editor itself.


Here, just use this link for Mac or this link for Windows.


Oh, and the only reason Geneforge is easier is that you can't edit terrain at all in Geneforge, which is exactly what the BoA editor allows you to do in BoA.

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Thuryl, the links aren't working correctly.


green kid, if you use Windows XP or higher, follow these steps. You need an unzip program (like WinZip) to unzip the 3D editor.


1. Go back to the BoA Editor forum main screen.

2. Click on the link BoA Editor Remake.

3. Click on the link the Sourceforge page at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on the green rectangle that says Download BoA Editor Remake

5. Click on the bottom green rectangle that says Download. That is, check to make sure that you are downloading the version of the 3D editor that is for Windows.

6. Click on the link Win3DRelease.zip Not the Win3DReleaseSource.zip, the other one.

7. Click on any download link That is, the word that says download.

8. If the download doesn't start automatically, click on the long link at the top of the page where it tells you to in order to start the download.

9. From here, it's all your computer. You'll probably get your unzip program asking you about the 3D Editor. Tell it to open and unzip the file.

10. Move the whole Win3DRelease folder to wherever you can find it easily.

11. Open the Win3DRelease folder.

12. Open the Win3D read-me. Read it. Read it again if you didn't get it all the first time.

13. Follow the instructions under the "Install" section in the read-me.

14. Open the BoAEditor.



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Originally written by Dikiyoba:
Thuryl, the links aren't working correctly.
Guh. Looks like the download mirrors don't allow direct linking to downloadable files. I was afraid of that.

Well, fortunately, it seems that our friend has successfully downloaded a copy of the editor anyway.
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