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Geneforge and flatscreen problem


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Is there any way to get Geneforge to work on a Dell Inspiron? It's one of those laptops with the wide screen. The machine absolutely refuses a resolution change, whether from Direct X or manually changing it, and unlike Nethergate or Avernum the Geneforge games won't play without a resolution change.


If you try to play Geneforge or Geneforge 2, you get a message saying the flatscreen display works best at 1280x800, and the game gets minimized. Then when you try to shut down the game the screen goes black and you have to reset the computer to get out of it.


I'm quite surprised I haven't read about anyone else having this problem, as this monitor type is becoming quite common.

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Wether your monitor performs best at 1280x800, you should still be able to get the size down to 800x600, or your version of that. Mum's computer has a flatscreen like this, and it has no problems playing Geneforge. When the screen size is small enough, you should be able to change the resolution to whatever it needs, and play the program. Ofcourse, it could also be something wrong with your computer.


- Archmagi Micael

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If I do it manually (go into the Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Change the Screen Resolution), I get:


"Flat Panel Warning

You have selected a non-optimal Screen Area setting for your LCD panel. Unlike external computer monitors, LDC panels have one particular Screen Area setting that looks best. It is recommended you set your Screen Area to 1280x800."


Then after about ten seconds it switches it back to 1280x800 and shuts down the screen resolution window.

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