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I'm playing the Demo of Avernum 3, and my Mage spell skill is at Level 10, but when I bought Level 1 spells of Lighting Spray, Far Sight and Create Illusions, which only require Level 6 spell skill, they are not highlighted for use in the Info window or represented in the Cast Mage Spell window.


Is this because I'm using the demo, or some other problem?

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I think Diki probably has the problem right. When you buy spells, you're buying them for one character only. The default selection is the first character, who's usually a fighter. Check each character's spell list and make sure your first character doesn't have spells that some other character was supposed to get.


—Alorael, who can't think of any other good reason spells wouldn't work. Failure to buy them in the first place seems unlikely. You'd normally notice.

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