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A3 - Stuck in Slimy Valley

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I just registered and don't have the guide book yet but managed to make it through Fort Emergence and then to the surface. Took care of stuff in Krizsan, Inn of Blades, Slivar, Colchis, Delan, Delis, Pergies, Agate Tower.


I'm SE of Colcis and found the mountain (after battling slimes), but when I get to the top I get the message 'You've reached the end of the valley.... maybe there's information you can find elsewhere that would help you here.'


What did I forget to do?

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In agate tower... there is a room to the south west i think, secret passage... You gotta walk through a few barriers and then kill this one mage... can't remember his name... I don't think it was Jordan (From Exile)... but when you get to where he was standing, look around, find a slime pit and destroy it with fireball, THEN go to slime valley


EDIT: I believe there IS a walkthrough somewhere on your computer for the demo (I think its in the file of the Avernum 3 game


After your able to enter there, get ready for an ambush by some slimes... after you slay them, go to the center of the room and find a control panel... Those buttons are where the gates are on the mini-map (you have to kill the things one at a time.. only one gate can be opened at a time) when you find a area that is endless mauve slimes, walk along the right side wall until you get a special encounter, go through that hole in the wall and kill that slime... once all pools (i think 4 excluding the Agate Tower one) walk over some weird rune and face the final fight of the Slimes, after you kill the Alien Slime, walk along the north side of the wall until you find a secret passage, find a rune somewhere there


-Some Dude who likes copying people (one time thing I SWEAR) and is a walking, typing, computer walkthrough geek

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You need to kill Bojar in the Agate Tower but, more importantly, you need to search for secret passages near where you kill him. His library is in there somewhere and it has the location of the true source of the slimes. That will let you enter the cave at the end of the Slimy Valley.


—Alorael, who doesn't understand why Jordan became Bojar. Jordan is a perfectly good name!

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Thanks for the hints! I found the guide, but I pretty much like to do things on my own. It feels like 'cheating' when using walkthroughs. Kind of takes the fun out of exploring on your own.


Looks like I have to do things in a certain order, because from the walkthrough I've done everthing up to that point, but I didn't find the mage in the tower and I looked EVERYWERE, including secret rooms. Oh, well.


I did get the message that he peeked through a door, sent some slimes my way and then ran away. Never found him again.

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