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New to geneforge. Should I play geneforge 1 classic or mutagen?

pinkie pie

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Both games have the same general plot and map, however there are several changes to the game mechanics that make them seem like different games. Mutagen ,the remake, has more content with some new zones and levels to existing zones and a few new quests and characters. However the major differences are you have changes to the spells, combat, and you can now customize creations. Just playing the first 5 zones and you can see the differences in what you can do with your characters in the same fights. Biggest difference is no longer needing 5 action points to do spell or combat when you move up to fight something.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Sanity is wasted here. :)

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Mutagen is the first Spiderweb remake that I would say is superior to the original game in every respect. There's more to the Shaping mechanics, much of the game's (somewhat lifeless) original script has been rewritten to give it more character, there are a few new zones added, with attendant sidequests. If you're only going to play one or the other, Mutagen is the obvious answer.


That said, when you finish Mutagen, you'll probably want to play the rest of the games in the series. And while the remakes of Geneforges 2-5 are presumably going to be similarly improved over the originals, the last of the remakes is not going to be out (assuming Spiderweb maintains a consistent release schedule, which is a safe assumption) until c. 2027 at the absolute earliest (and something like 2030 at the latest). So, unless you're willing to wait that long, you'll probably have to get used to the originals anyway; and it'll hardly hurt to have played the original Geneforge 1 before you've played its remake.


So it's ultimately not really a huge deal. Have fun.

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