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A2:CS; do inactive equipped weapons' stats always count?

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Hey all, long-time lurker, first-time poster, hoping dearly I am not breaking some etiquette. 


Bit of background: I recently finished A:EftP (loved it) and have now uncorked the sequel (just reached Formello). I'm now scratching my head because I've found multiples of a bow that I either can't believe exist, or must work differently from what I have gathered thus far. 


Regrettably I am posting on my phone and can't look up the name of the bow right now (could edit it in later). But it's a fairly basic item with a tooltip saying that it grants +10% crit chance. 


In EftP, I feel like such a bonus would have been reserved for the greatest artifacts only. And I've operated under the impression that all equipment's attributes apply globally, even in the case of an inactive weapon. At least AftP led me to believe so as I recall finding a bow that had a magic damage bonus, and another that I think had a healing one. I did try searching these very forums and found one that seemingly confirmed my initial impression. 


But still: +10% crit, and I think I found four of these bows already! Could this particular weapon represent an edge case wherein the particular stat applies only to attacks made with said weapon? If not, I'm sure everyone in my party will be wielding these for a long time. 


Thank you! 


PS is the keybind for opening up spell book bugged in A2? I'm talking specifically of the view that shows all spells and battle disciplines, that is: not exclusively priest, mage, or disciplines. I liked the view from the previous game but can't get it to work here, and I've tried multiple keybinds. 

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Oh yeah, I should have recalled those +5% to hit bows from the previous game. I suppose the seemingly tremendous crit chance modifier is kinda sorta balanced out by the lower to-hit maximum. 


Thank you so much for the swift replies and the warm welcome! 

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