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Av3 — Nathalie question answered, but hello

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Hi all, I’m playing through spiderweb’s iPad versions, and so have been lurking again.  It’s nice to “see” some familiar faces here still!  Hi all!  💕

Answered my own question quoted here:



I’m weirdly stuck in Avadon 3 at Nathalie’s “Knowledge, at Last” quest.  I’ve met up with her inside the Spiral, killed the defender turrets and [golems?], and spoken with the librarian ghost who warned me she’d attack if I went any further.  But the gate is still down, and I’ve finger-mashed every bit of the dungeon looking for a way to proceed.  

I actually reloaded the zone and tried again, meeting Nathalie, this time speaking with the librarian ghost first, and then killing the defenders, but still the gate is closed.  

I know I’m missing something obvious, but my brain isn’t getting it tonight.  How do I complete her quest from here?

Moments after typing this, I found the obvious door at the end of the hall.  Leaving the question up partly because it’s possible someone else will experience the same obsession with the closed gate and need a push in the right direction, but also just to retain the greeting.  

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Found my own answer
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