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Clearly I've missed something

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In my slooow stroll through the Avernum series, I find myself fairly early in A3 cluelessly wondering where I might have missed Move Mountains level 3. Minor Spoiler alert: After finishing the Filth Pit and standing there ready to detonate my Egg o' Doom, I hesitate, miffed that I couldn't get past a couple of mossy boulders in that area, knowing I wouldn't get another chance once the fiery egg brought the whole house down. So I stow the egg and leave the pit to explore further, hoping I can make it back with MM3 before the roaches start destroying things. The clock ticks on as I travel, but no MM3, so I reluctantly google for a hint, only to discover it's apparently back in Ft Emergence in a place I'm pretty sure I already searched. So I rush back to home base, return to the formerly warded area I'd already been in, re-look at the two tomes within, and am reminded that while MM is in fact there, it's only MM2, which I already knew from my first visit. And yet google tells me it's there. So, what am I missing? I don't want any spoilers, per se, but I'd appreciate the vaguest of hints to let me know where I might refocus my search. Thanks!

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According to the Walkthrough for the original game, there are two ways to het level 3 Move Mountains:

Yale library or the 3rd Stone Circle

both require you waiting on doing the Filth Factory to be able to get past the level 3 barriers. Not really worth waiting.


Good luck. I remember once doing it.

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