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  1. -POTENTIAL SPOILERS ALERT- That was fun. I'm looking forward to part two. But first... I tried not to miss anything, but clearly I missed a little, and I'm looking for some help. No spoilers or hints, just a yes or a no to my questions. I kept notes whenever I wanted to get back to something in the game. These are the things I never figured out by the time I finished: I was told to find a man named Miles near Ft Duvno about potions with mandrake. I found a Miles in Formello with potions, but nothing regarding mandrake. Was there another Miles somewhere? I was told to find a wom
  2. Thanks for the quick and helpful replies. @TriRodent... I think I have a bit of the OCD thing too. No problem, though. I'm really liking the game anyway and appreciate the work that went into it in every way. Thanks for the workaround tip. @ Minion... As a matter of fact, I do keep handwritten notes, probably more than I use the journal. It's all part of the old school appeal. I also remember those blank pages at the end of older game manuals, and I still have several of those game manuals, though my OCD prevented me from ever 'defacing' the actual game manual by writin
  3. In tracking quests and other interesting bits of the story with my journal, I see after I delete entries blank pages between remaining entries. So, every time I save a new entry, it's sandwiched between older entries, which makes it harder to find what I'm looking for. Is there any way to consolidate or organize entries so there are no blank pages in between? If there's a simple key combo to do this and it's printed in bold letters in the game manual, I apologize for being blind Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi. I'm several hours into the first game in the trilogy, and really enjoying it. Although I like to figure things out on my own without hints, I've got a couple of lingering questions about magic... 1. If a spell can target 4 enemies, for example, but there are only 3 enemies available to target, is there a way to activate that spell on just those 3 enemies, or is that spell useless unless I face at least 4? 2. The game docs indicate that spells may be learned from scrolls. I've looted several scrolls from defeated enemies, and I see how to cast those spells from the scrolls, but I
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