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Is a mage better than a priest?


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You find in the long run that you need a priest for healing and removing some curse effects. 


Mage has the advantage of lower energy cost for area effect attack spells. When you face a swarm of monsters a mage can quickly deal with them.


You might consider a fighter with some priest spells. or what I usually do is two fighters, a mage and priest where they may also have low level spells for the other type.


There is no right party build. However some are harder to play with than others like all fighters.


Good luck

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For the first scenario, the valley of dying things you can run things with just a mage/priest without requiring both. But if you decide to skip a priest you will need to load yourself with ton of potions which increases weight and you will also need to come outdoors frequently to rest. And if you decide to skip the mage, you will have to depend mostly on your fighters for attacking as your priest needs to save up energy for healing. In my perception, a priest is mostly a party defender whereas a mage is a magic attacker, even though both priests and mages can be defensive and attacking. So I consider both of them to be vital for a party for regular playthrough.

But since it is a beginner scenario, you can go skipping a priest or mage and toil a bit to finish the scenario, but once you get into higher level scenarios, the power of magic really begins to hot hard. My party structure is mostly two fighters (First one fully trained for raw melee and second one knows a bit of archery), a pure priest and a mage who can kill goblins with swords if needed. Coming to your question, it is really difficult to compare a mage and priest since they have very different roles. But it IS POSSIBLE to finish the scenario with your current setup.

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