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Help for 2 medals


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Hi, I have now only two medals left:

Claim the mines
And one which requires to enter Inner Crypt

Guess I'll have last walkthrough with solo magic stealth agent on normal
I am wondering what was wrong on my last playthrough.
With mines: I've managed to destroy all pylons in mines one by one and still I do not have this medal. Also I speaked with servant mind and wandered threw all mines with all map opened. But there is no medal! What should be done exactly to achieve it? Problem is with North mines which are red still. Maybe it's because I didn't slay two battle alphas out there.
With entering Inner Crypt... I lost somewhere one of the balls required. Maybe I put it into the locker in the Vakkiri where spy lived before I get rid of it (the name is Nabb if I remember correctly) - by the way it is nice place to store the things - but the ball is lost now on the last walkthrough. I remember that I've slayed the thahd with the ball and then put it in the locker and I can not find it anymore.

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Claim the Mines required turning all 4 mine zones free. The lower three are cleared when you cross from one side to the other. The Mine Core (north zone) required dealing with the two battle alpha creations guiding the north end by either fighting or leadership Destroying pylons isn't needed.


Inner Crypt required two different Thahds in different zones dropping what you need to get past the door.

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