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QW2 Zombies


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Win 10 game via GOG

I am working the Catacombs. The scourge zombies backed me into the SW dead

end & I cant get out. Can they be killed ?? Add to that when they are off the screen you cant see or shoot them but they can get me. Noticed in other places in the game too. Sry if stupid questions but I am

almost 70 & probably should be playing golf...



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I hated that dungeon. Basically, you need to lure four or five of them to the northern area where the boss is located. My advice would be to reload a save at the start of the dungeon and slowly make your way upward while tagging a few zombies. Don't focus too much on killing them; just weaken them and slowly advance. Once you reach the area with the four or so zombies, you need to disable the zombies and talk to the area's boss. This will allow you to continue.

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17 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

I think this is the dungeon where you have to keep advancing until you find the boss. Beating one of the zombies should disable then temporarily, letting you move further in.


Having a mage or 2 with the teleport spell can be handy to prevent getting trapped as well. Also useful to have that spell trained when enemies teleport, pull or kncok you out of position to teleport them back to safety.

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