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QW2 - Brutes worth it?


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Hey, all. This is a simple question, but I was wondering if, in future games, it would be worthwhile for me to put multiple points in Summon Brute. Brute Flasks were a disappointment for me since they have 50% resistance to Mental effects and can be poisoned. A lot of why I use Skeletons and Sapphire Skeletons is because they're immune to both statuses and can buy a lot of time against Monstrosities and Nagas. That said, Summon Brute doesn't require any investment in the magic tree and and can be upgraded twice. Are level 2 Brutes worthwhile for a character who doesn't have much magic training? I'm wondering if devoting forts to knowledge is worth it for future runs.

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Dedicating forts to knowledge is good for getting energy and power potions to restore energy in combat.


Brutes have more health than skeletons and they have a range attack that stuns. Sapphire skeletons have a cone area effect attack. Flaming sphere have high resistance to magic attacks so they work best near a dragon, but don't move to follow monsters like the other two.


Scroll of calling/ summon construct is another handy choice.


Summon pets are great more for meat shields to take damage. Place one outdoors near the enemy to buy time to heal and buff. Real useful when fighting eye beasts.

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