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QW2: inconsistent ability targeting with keyboard, a bug?


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Hi all, is this a bug? I didn't play the first QW game and so maybe it's always worked like this...


So I've always preferred to do combat in spiderweb games with the keyboard as much as possible. Mouse and wrist don't get along and all that.


I notice in this game an inconsistency with the way that keyboard combat works. With magic abilities I can type u + a (shock) and I'll be presented with a little letter over each target, press the letter and the spell fires. Awesome. But with melee abilities, there's no letters over the target. So with a warrior, u + a (brutal slash or whatever that's called) and then no letters appear over the targets, so I have to click with the mouse to get the ability to fire.


To sum up: with magic abilities I can launch and target my attacks only with the keyboard whereas with melee I can select the ability with the keyboard but I have to use the mouse to complete the attack.


Am I doing this wrong? Is it supposed to be like this? I'm on the macos version.

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