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Geneforge 1 - Mutagen Translation

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I think some/many of the descriptions/conversations/etc are hard coded into the game so that might be difficult to change.  All the assorted text files shouldn't be 'that' difficult to translate as such (whether the concepts described translate very well ... who knows, that depends on the language I suppose).


Your best bet is probably to email Jeff (support@spiderwebsoftware.com) and discuss your ideas with him as he would know if it could easily be done/if it's worth even trying. ... However, his/Spiderweb's next game (Queen's Wish 2) is coming out next month/in a few weeks, so his mind is probably completely on that at the moment.  You might want to wait until later (Sept or Oct) before asking/talking to him about your idea.


Regardless, I think that it's a cool idea, one which may expose the game to a whole new set of people if it can be worked out. That's never a bad thing. 


Welcome to the boards.

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