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Magical Effects

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Does anyone have a complete list of the magical effects and what they do for Geneforge Mutagen?


As far as I can tell the only way to determine the actual effect is to have the ability cast on you, and then hovering over the buff to see what it does. Unfortunately, you cannot view the status effect by casting it on an enemy and right clicking. It tells you the NAME of the effect, but not what it does.


To put this in context. Lv1 Vlish curses, Lv3 Vlish causes vulnerability. I cannot for the life of me figure out what these actually DO. The only way I can think of to find out is to get in a fight with a vlish, allow them to cast the ability on me, and then see what it does. Unfortunately.... the Vlish are no more...


Does anyone have a complete list of the magical effects and what they do? I would be eternally grateful.

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The best I can suggest is to browse around the GF1M Strategy Central.  A quick look in there showed a couple topics that might touch on what you're looking for but nothing quite that specific.


A good question though.  Most all of my playthroughs were as an Agent or occasionally a Guardian so creations (if any were made at all) tended to just be temporary meat shields/distractions, so what they actually could 'do' on a deeper level never really came into it.

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If you're on a hard or torment, you can hit your own allies with effects to see what they do.


Blessed: +10% accuracy and damage

Cursed: -15% accuracy and damage

Shielded: -10% damage taken and -10% chance to be hit

Vulnerable: +10% damage taken and +10% chance to be hit

Poison: 5% of max hp taken each turn as poison damage

Acid: 15% of max hp taken each turn as acid damage

Haste: Gives a chance for any of your actions to only use 5AP instead of 9. I think the base chance is around 25%, but there are a few items that increase the odds of it triggering.

Wrack: -15% accuracy and damage and a 25% chance to skip each turn.

Daze: Can't take actions, but is removed if damage is taken

Stun: Can't take actions

Terror: Spends each action moving away as far as possible

Charm: Will fight on your side for the duration

Essence Shield: Blocks a set amount of damage. Each turn and each point of damage taken lowers its value by 1.

Overload: Damage dealt is doubled but also inflicts damage each turn.

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Thank you @Mechalibur!!! I spent forever looking online, I think this is the only source for this info :D 


The Vuln vlish works amazing with my spell craft/battlemagic Agent. She AOE Daze everything, the AOE Vuln from Vlish which doesn't break the daze, then can kill everyone in one turn, one at a time. Very fun. 



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