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Satchel mission not working?

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As a roman, I got the mission to get the satchel in the mines. I received it, double checked that it was actually there, and then went back to the commander. The bag is gone but the mission isn't cleared. Even though I'm still kind of early in the game I really DON'T want to start a new game. Any suggestions? Or a set item done code if worse come to worse?

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On 2/13/2022 at 3:33 PM, Randomizer said:

Did you go inside the office? I know that if you initiate the conversation from outside the room that you don't get it to advance.

Yup. still didn't work. I restarted save, tried to sleep etc, unfortunately I just ended up making another party. Only thing I can think of which imo SHOULDN'T have been an issue but apparently was is that after I got the satchel, I continued to clear out floor 2 and then floor 3. When I got back towards the floor 1 exit, I didn't get dialogue about goblins waiting for me. When I went to the commander there was a long text about the horrors I've seen etc and the satchel was gone but when I talked to him in office, he didn't acknowledge that I did it. In the new save I rushed to get the satchel and then went back to the fort. No problem x-x

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