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[G3] Litalia bug in Benerii-Eo?

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I've been playing through the rebel path quite faithfully and when I enter the area with the geneforge, where Litalia is standing, if I get close to the big square pool she's close to at all, I will get the [I assume] loyalist path window where Litalia is going to reluctantly attack me. While if I talk to her without doing that, for example if I talk to her by the door, she is friendly and talks to me as if I'm a faithful rebel ally.


Basically if I walk close at all to that big square pool she's next to she becomes hostile and attacks. This is easily solvable in my case by simply loading a save and walking super close to the wall to get to Akhari Blaze. But is this a bug or does she simply not want me to get close to that pool?

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