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Missile Guardian on Torment without Canisters


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This was a pretty fun challenge and not as hard as one might expect. "No canisters" is usually paired with the pacifist route but I wanted to see if I could kill all the endgame bosses (Oroboros, Danette's Shade, Goettsch, and Geneforge'd Trajkov). This video (14 min) summarizes the playthrough and I'll soon upload all the raw gameplay footage.




I only put points into combat skills (1 point in Melee Weapons, everything else in Agility/Missiles/Quick Action/Evasion, ending stats are 20/20/15/11 with items equipped).


The biggest tips for getting through the game are:

- fight enemies one at a time whenever possible

- save before/after every fight

- constantly restart combat so you can reposition and execute extra attacks.

- every fight is possible if you have enough space to run away


PS If you want to achieve the maximum level possible (~21-22) you should always be killing enemies / doing quests that are 1-2 levels below you. Some of this requires running through zones without killing anything so you can reach lower-level enemies in further areas e.g. Holding Cells. Clearing everything besides The Geneforge zone will get you to level 19, and then you can let Trajkov use the Geneforge (+1000 XP at Lv20), kill him, use the Geneforge yourself (another 1000 XP), then destroy the Geneforge (another 1000 XP). I ended at level 21 - if I had used the Geneforge, read Codexes, and used canisters I probably could have reached level 22.


PSS it is possible to shape Fyoras without using canisters! Get the skill point from Learned Jaffe.

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