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Avadon 3, quest for Redbeard; Chief Tilla doesn't tell me the location of Tawon envoys meeting.


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No that should be in the demo, but I know some quests require a certain chain of dialogue choices. Start with checking if you have the quest in your quest list. Then just try all the choices with Chief Tilla, because I remember he has a request for giving that information.


Edit  - I can't remember if you also need to talk to the shaman in the western building,

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Thank you for your answer, I earlier spoke with the old shaman close to Tilla and checked there are only two dialogue options with Tilla (papers with unknown characters he doesn't understand, and denying to know more than she already told us).
Something rather disconcerting: when I went back to the shaman to talk to him again, he was no longer in his garden.

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