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A2:CS - Arcane Lore vs Sage Lore. Intended or oversight?

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I'm nearing the end of my torment playthrough and have a big wonder. To save skill points, I mostly relied on the Sage Lore trait for Arcane Lore kind of things. I found it weird when I first came across a book I didn't have enough arcane lore for. Using the editor, I had to increase my arcane lore quite a bit. That's how I found out that sage/Vahnatai lore doesn't apply to everything.


I didn't mind it so much until I realized there's a crystal that teaches Resistance that doesn't check Sage Lore. I kind of really want that one point of resistance for some reason. With the way my skill points, I can't temporarily increase arcane lore and restore it back to what it was before.


Just feels a bit weird.


Maybe I should have put a question in here, or something.

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Oh that's what's going on? I have +12 from three characters with Sage Lore, I was really surprised to find something I couldn't read. This is obnoxious, the in-game tooltips never would have led me to expect this...


oh I guess it does say that Sage Lore counts as arcane lore for learning spells--I guess it didn't occur to me that there were uses of Arcane Lore besides learning spells.

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I think that the tool tip may carry over from older games and mechanics.  Per discussions on these boards and some experimentation on my part, caster level determines if you can learn a spell at all and then to read the level three spell book for a spell, you need a certain combination of Arcane Lore, Sage Lore, Vahnatai Lore, and two objects. Not to mention that for certain of the books you need particular levels of Move Mountains, Dispel Barrier, Clearances or quest steps to just get to the barrier.  


I believe that there are four spell books that Sage Lore does not help with, one of which requires 11 Arcane Lore to read.  Those same four spell books due not receive the bonus from Vahnatai Lore.  

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