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What level should a player expect to get to?


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I am level 17 so far, having cleared out most of the places. Remaining 'known' places: Spirit City (entering temple), slay Goettsch, Inner Crypt, Central Labs, Guarded Dock not done (just to give an idea of how much I have actually done.) Most of the map is green lines / locations.

Never joined Takers (Awakened). Been wiping out Sholai and hope to do the game without joining Takers.

Most combat against tough opponents is only putting my experience +1 - 4 or so. Really slow climb up the ladder.

While I can take out everything, I had been hoping to get more abilities, more leadership, etc. But I gain levels at a snail's pace.

Seems using all of the most interesting melee weapons and missile weapons will remain out of my grasp.

Is this normal 'progress'? That's what I'm trying to find out.

I'm wondering if a lot of XP has been missed because of not joining takers?

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The maximum level in the game that you can reach is 21.


Depending on whether you read every codex and used the creation canisters as you found them or saved them for later since they always give 25 XP each, you might fall short.


Using and/or destroying gives the Geneforge gives about a level depending upon your current level. You can reach level 19 before that doing all the other zones like you have been doing. The Inner Shaper Crypt gives more experience and if you wait long enough the creations respawn for even more. The Sholai in the remaining places give decent experience.


You don't need more leadership, but it makes some things easier. You didn't give your class, but specializing in one combat or shaping type helps. At this point joining a faction doesn't help give enough experience.

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