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NPCs Friendly to Takers

Shadow Wulfe

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You can take out most Taker supporters without hurting your chances to join the Takers. This may cause you not to be able to do the second Eko Blade quest or talk to Ting in Ellhrah's Keep.


The only things that block joining the Takers are killing Gnoerrel, making Kazg hostile by stealing,  or using the Geneforge.

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Funnily enough, after I killed Gnorrel the guards north of Kazhg were all hostile, but the named Servile who gives you the quest to find the spy was NOT.


And the spy was hostile.


So after the spy charged my pack of creations and got eaten, and after all the guards outside the gate charged my pack of creations and got eaten, right in front of Amena, he happily rewarded my character for dealing with the spy.


I then fed him to my pack of creations.



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