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Avadon 3 companion/Svar's Peninsula problem


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Hello all, 


I don't use all the companions. I choose two in the beginning and use the same party throughout the game. In this playthrough I have Rudow and Nathalie, and Nathalie has disappeared to Svar's Peninsula. I'd like to go there with Rudow and complete Nathalie's quest, but I can't, because when I arrive Botan is standing there forcing his way into the party. Is there a way to mark Botan's quest completed, or push him off a cliff, or anything? I tried to tell him I didn't care about his quest but that did not work, he showed up anyway. If I can't get Nathalie back I can't finish the game. I've been through this game several times and I don't think this has happened before. Thanks.

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Hand quests are like that so you have to take the Hand for that zone or skip the zone completely. Some of the other ones don't force the choice at the zone entrance, but at a spot inside the zone.


After you finish the Hand quest or skip the zone, you can go back to Avadon and get Nathalie.

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