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Control Three

Shadow Wulfe

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Fair enough, the Control Three is not linked to any sects as far as I know aside from the Takers.


Takers want it shut off, servile in the warren wants it turned on, but I don't believe that Obeyers or Awakened get involved.


I just want to know if I can reactivate him now to get access to the rest of the warren and if I so choose come back later to deactivate, or if I bar myself from that Taker quest if I do so.

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I depends upon the servant mind and which faction you are with at the time.


For instance the Servile Warren mind, Control Three, can be fed to gain access to that room to the south and then you can join the Takers and order it to die.


The Spiral Warren mind can be fed for the Obeyers and then later die for the Awakeed. Or if you are only joining the Awakened you could feed it immediately and then order it to die to collect extra experience.

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