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Charmed Creations Attacking Enemies

Ardent Trove

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During play today, my charmed creations attacked enemies, rather than the party (unless no enemies were visible, then they would attack party members). Do we know what causes this behavior? I would test it further myself, but I won't have time to play until Monday and am curious. Basic known info:

* I did not see this behavior before the patch.

* Each time I saw the behavior, my control was like average/normal/adequate or something instead of the usual weak/poor (I forget the names).

* Occurred multiple times (~5?), so it is not a one-off bug.

* Charmed creations would go to enemies that were farther away than party creations, so it is not an "attack closest" script.

* I've only seen it with Battle Creations (I was using creations from all three spheres), but that might have been a coincidence.

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