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Crossing Keep: Jon Alvord and Owens


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I'm just wondering if there is an impact on the game by which dialogue I choose while talking with Jon Alvord from the Crossing Keep.


It's about the Vol Outreach and I chose, "Buy Owen and free them immediately." I know it's not economical but during the game, I've managed to earn lots of gold and RPing, I imagine doing the same things, I might get a constant supply of gold and help out some Owens initially. I mean, before I could help them with the fight against Mascha. 


Jon replied that it would take a year to find a lawyer etc. So, would my choice have an impact in the long run? After the game/story is finished, like in the future of the people of Sacramentum (or at least the Vols)?



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thank you! :) while you're here, may I ask, do you know where are the scouts for Adam's Errands in the Ahriel region. He said they entered Pikket's brake but i'm almost at the end of the game, and I still cannot find their bodies. :/

10 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

I'm not sure, but I think it just impacts your Owen/Mascha reputation. Definitely doesn't change the ending.


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7 minutes ago, Randomizer said:

The scouts are on the west side of the zone and south of the main road. I missed seeing the gap in the trees to get to the place the first time.

Omg THANKS!! Found them finally lol. The remaining one I got that I think is not a main quest is Castus. I entered from the south, I haven't read a way around to completing this quest except playing before doing so (but lost my saved for that).

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