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First time archer build


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It depends upon two main things: difficulty level you are playing and class.The harder the difficulty level the harder it can be because it doesn't do as much damage. Blademaster and Sorceress are the only class that use a bow while the others use different range weapons. Blademaster does really well with a bow and some special abilities work well with it. The only real problem is you can't use a bow in melee and you will need to prepare for that.  


Increasing dexterity to do more damage with a bow also increases your ability to evade some attacks so that makes the class better.


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Specifically a bow & arrow archer or ranged weapons in general?  In most games (Spiderweb and elsewhere) my preferred type is a ranged weapon character.  In Avadon I tend to play a shadow walker (who flings razordisks around) as they do decent damage (iirc anyway, been a few years since I've been in the Avadon universe) from afar to whittle down hit points & then can finish things off with melee if 'x' charges them. (shamans use javelins for their ranged weapons but, again, iirc that's more of a backup if their spell energy is low).


And to add to Randomizer, welcome.

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Ranged weapons are generally pretty good in Avadon, and excellent in Geneforge.  (They are mostly sub-par in Avernum.)


If you want an actual archer with bows and arrows, definitely pick Blademaster, and put all your stat points into Dex.

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