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Good targets for Capture Soul (Avernum 3: RW)

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What are good targets for Capture Soul in the early game? In Exile 3, you can't capture basilisks (so that's out), the Vahnatai Lord in Ghikra has been replaced with the mayor, Dervishes are named characters, and the Empire Archer in the Slime Pist has been demoted to a normal archer. Are there any replacements for them that are good, especially long-term summons?

And is Demonslayer in this game, or is it as MIA as it was in Exile 3 itself?

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Honestly, I don't think I've ever used Capture Soul in any version of all the games where available - mainly because I forget I have it available until after killing that powerful monster I just ran across.  Shrug - never really missed it even on the occasional hard/torment playthrough.  I do summon plenty of help though.  Early game the lower level Priest summon can't really be beat (doesn't take a lot of damage, deals out a lot of cold damage which most monsters don't have resistance towards, & can't be stunned/dazed).  Give a couple of characters the ability to summon the assorted undead helpers & you should be fine (especially if you spend a point or two towards the summon trait as each one raises the level of the summoned monster by two levels - having, say level 10 characters summoning Greater Shades to help out is like bringing a mini-gun to a knife fight).


IIRC, Demonslayer is/was strictly an underground weapon.  Perhaps after killing/being drenched with all that demon/undead blood over the years it now would deteriorate rapidly if exposed to sunlight...

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Exile is really where CS shines the most.  But it has uses in this series too.  I don't think we've seen a good list for A3RW, but this list for A2CS might give you a place to start:



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