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I got BoE working on an Mac OS 9 emulator. I've been curious:


- Has anyone found a way I could make the graphics tone for custom graphics files match the Mac tone. As many know, the graphics have a lighter tone on Windows than Mac - this is reflected in custom graphics files in many scenarios. I remember one version of OBoE allowed you to set the general graphics tone in Preferences, but has any method been found to adjust it with custom graphics files?


- Does anyone have a copy of the alternate default graphics file with the blue cave floors? I believe they were made by Skyle and Stareye, and I hosted them myself back when I had my own Blades website, but if anyone could send me the Mac alternate file, it would be greatly appreciated.



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I've never come up with a procedural way to convert Windows graphics into Mac graphics. If someone could find a way to do it using GIMP or Photoshop though, I'd be very interested in coding that into OpenBoE.


I don't have an alternate default graphics file, but I do have the blue cave floors hosted on my website, along with some other graphics that didn't make it into Blades of Exile.

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In GIMP, using the Brightness-Contrast filter, setting Brightness to -70 and Contrast to 20 gives a close approximation. It's not perfect, noticeably with the cave floor, but for purposes of adjusting Windows custom graphics to Mac appearance and have it look decent, it should work well enough. Also, unless there were mistakes in the OpenBoE graphics sheets I have and the Windows and Mac graphics are mixed, some graphics are the same already, like adobe walls and stone tile floors.

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