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Skribbane and endings?

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I'm curious.. does skribbane (can't remember if you can get in AV1&2) affect ANY of the endings in avernum, like the canisters in geneforge, as far as how your characters end up? Was thinking about doing a full skribbane run in AV6 after doing Gladwell ending. I don't remember it being so but does anyone know?

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I don't think that it does, but I'm not entirely sure from personal experience.  Most of my characters tend to play 'clean' for the most part (maybe a little experimentation in college...).  I'd rather be in control of their actions/reactions than have them take some form of bath salts & suddenly they wander off to go try to hump a parking meter (or something similarly weird).


I don't 'think' that it would impact the assorted endings too much as, and making a BIG assumption on Jeff's thoughts here, anyone who is 'that' addicted to skribbane wouldn't be able to finish up the assorted quests/game ending scenarios.  They would wind up hanging out with all the other serious addicts in the hidden store in Gale & forget all about all the world changing chaos around them.  So, to get to the actual ending, they'd be at most (in our terms) hardcore recreational users.  Ones able to keep a job, focus on things going on in the future, rather than looking around for something to steal/sell to get their next hit (now granted, a group of adventurers tend to go through towns like a horde of locusts, stealing everything not nailed down, but that tends to be spent on better equipment/training rather than bottles of mental escapism).  


Again, no idea if that's the way Jeff viewed things, but I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption given the various opium/skribbane dens filed with spaced out blobs that you occasionally run across throughout  the different games.

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