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Avernum 6 Javelin Bug


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It doesn't look like this has been reported before. In the iOS version of the game, suppose you currently have some javelins equipped. Now tap on the javelins and then tap on the same space again. The javelins will disappear without a trace!


I have no idea if this is specific to only normal javelins and only to the iOS version of the game. It is rather annoying, and I don't expect a fix with how long the game has been out. I just thought I would point this out to help save others from confusion.

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Hello Isaiah,

Thanks for letting us know!

I know you’re just posting this for the help of other players, and that’s good of you. However, would you also consider sending a bug report to Spiderweb’s tech support address?

As you say, Avernum 6 is an old game. However, Spiderweb uses roughly the same underlying engine for the majority of their games. Little problems like this can propagate through successive titles, so it’s important that they’re reported! For instance, if this is a bug in Avernum 6, it could also be a bug in later games. If it’s not reported, it can’t be fixed!

So, if you have a moment, please do send a little report to the address below. Perhaps just mention that you’re flagging up the problem in case it appears in more modern titles, too – feel free to blame me for that part, if you'd like!


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