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Beta Call for Redemption Port


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I apologize for the delay. I'm not quite ready to start sending things out, but I only have a few last-minute adjustments to make. A few things happened:


(1) When I went through the alpha-testing process, I found substantially more bugs and problems than I anticipated, which obviously created more work.


(2) A reason I am not on the forums as often is that my internet access is quite limited; I generally do not have internet access at my home, so I often have to go to public computers to get access. Due to having to self-quarantine these past few weeks, getting online is quite challenging - I do have email through my phone, so I will be able to communicate via email - I'll connect this thread so responses and DM's will show up; but I probably won't be able to get back to the forums too often. Due to this, I may not be able to actually send out the beta until the end of the month.


Anyway, Redemption is a port of the Blades of Exile scenario by Alcritas. Most of it is the same, but a few new things have been added to make it playable in a Blades of Avernum format. It is for level 20-25 parties - If you want to use the HLPM, go to 25 if you want the scenario on the easy side, or 20 if you want a challenge. The scenario is rated Adult - there are some pretty intense scenes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. However, there is nothing in the scenario that would merit an "Adult" rating that was not in the original BoE scenario (rated R), so if you were fine with the content there, you'll probably be fine here.


The scenario is quite open-ended; I won't give any hints or nudges at first to see how far non-BoE players get. When you send your report, please let me know what type of party you played with. I'll have some questions for beta-testers to answer after sending their initial report as well.


The information I'll need:


(1) Name; the one you wish to be credited as in the readme/scenario.


(2) Email address; you may DM me if you are not comfortable posting it on the forums.


(3) Previous beta experience


(4) Are you on a Mac or PC?


(5) Familiarity with the BoE scenario.






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Excellent. I’ve been looking forward to this! It’s great to see Redemption getting its beta call. Good work, Bain!

I’ll send you a DM with my contact details but, just so that others know who’s on board, and so that the information is all in one place, I’ll put my other responses here too:

Name: Ess-Eschas

Email: <See DM>

Previous beta experience: In BoA, I’m credited in Kelandon’s 'The Magic', where my testing was apparently quite helpful. Otherwise, I’ve recently tested Queen’s Wish for Spiderweb, and a few games for other companies.

Mac or PC: Mac! For the purposes of this, I’ll probably be using Mac OS 10.8.5.

Familiarity with the BOE scenario: I’m very familiar with the original. I’ve both completed and won the scenario, and found the Amulet of Doran.

Sorry to hear about your internet troubles. I had the same myself several years ago, and it was awkward enough even with freedom of movement – so I can’t imagine what it’s like under the current conditions. At least it sounds like you’re not completely cut off, but it can’t be easy.

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