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Which series to start with?


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Hey guys, new here!


I just discovered this studio's games after watching one of Jeff Vogel's talks at GDC and I'm currently quite intrigued to check them out.

I do like RPGs in as many flavors as they come, but I'm quite young to have ever come near games such as these.

Which series would you recommend me to start with?

Could be the one that's "easiest" to get into, not too in-depth, or simply your favorite one.


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The Exile/Avernum/Avernum re-makes series is Jeff's original series and I would recommend starting with that.  The modern version (based on what you have said, I would stick with the modern version) is Avernum: Escape from the Pit, Avernum: Crystal Souls and Avernum: Ruined World.  The three games have relatively modern conveniences while being re-remakes of his original three games that started his company.  Avadon 1-3 is a modern series that he recently completed and would be a good introduction as well.  His most recently released game, Queen's Wish: The Conquerer is the first release in a very different series.  It will likely take him around three to five years to complete the series.  He also has another series called Geneforge that is older that I have not played, but many of the others on these forums have really enjoyed.

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I'd definitely recommend starting with Avernum or Avadon. Both are very good. Avernum is more open-world exploration, whereas Avadon is much more linear. I'd say that the mood of Avadon is darker and, at least for me, the story was harder to follow at first.


Geneforge is excellent but is in the process of being remade right now, so I'd recommend not starting there (though you could).


Nethergate is also excellent but a good deal older.


I didn't like Queen's Wish, but most people here did.

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Like they said above probably start with the avernum first trilogy remakes. (the second one is really one of the best games Jeff has ever made)

Avadon is modern and easy to get into but i think most of the people here did not love it for various reasons. But it really shines on its second episode.
My personal favourites are from the geneforge series, which is currently being remade so probably wait for them to get done.
A lot of the much older games will have some trouble running in modern computers so I wouldn't really recommend.

Queens wish on various levels is very different from the rest. I wouldn't start there, I prefer it over Avadon but I think Avadon had a better political nuance to Queen's Wish, particularly regarding imperialism and authority as far a the theme for colonization goes that really was not handled expertly in hindsight, which is surprising because Avernum 5 got the gist of it expertly. But its very fun to play and it has an interesting story. Compared to the rest of the games it has one of the funnier and more unique introductions conceptually. 

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