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Will people know about the Nisse?


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I made the hundred years deal with the Nisse and went back home (I played the whole game in 1.0.2).


I tried to speak about my deal with the Nisse, but couldn't.Then, later in the text, I got contradictionary messages regarding the people knowing about the Nisse:


I got the "The don't know about he Nisse, but they will […]" text, about my victory.


But I also got the "[…] Nisse are forgotten entirely […]" text.




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Jeff/Spiderweb is currently remaking/updating Geneforge 1 (out early next year?) & QW2 is probably next on the schedule after that, so most likely 2022 sometime.


Have you played the other SW series?  Lots & lots of game hours available with them.  Demos available on SW's site (link at the top of the page) that let's you try them out.

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