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Sparks Joy Thread


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Hey All.


I wanted to start a new thread thats basically  ppl sharing what they are glad for or hoping for or whatever. It is a bit unoriginal I suppose, but i don't really see it as being harmful. And ultimatelly i feel like it would be cute to celebrate small achievements, circumstances, media, etc... It provides a moment for introspection and self expression as the ability to derive a measure of contentment/motivation from others. Even if Vicariously.

So pls participate. No matter how insignificant it may seem.

I'll start. As a loona fan i absolutely loved their butterfly video, it was really refreshing and beautiful as far as K-pop goes with representing black people.

I'm also happy im getting to write a bit more seriously. I feel i improved greatly from 3 years ago.

I'm also happy to actually be in love again even if the relationship is on hold due to various reasons.

I'm also happy i found my heirloom ring i thought i had lost years ago.

Oooh, also i found that actually taking pictures helps me appreciate the environment around me much more, you know how by actually stopping and deciding something should be seen or reccorded you actually do have to take it fully in rather than just registering and making a judgement that something is pretty? It made me realise how much i love flowers. I'm deff getting a garden later in life.



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I don't think there's ever been a better time to share something positive. Lovely idea for a thread!


Lately, I've been grateful for the opportunity to go a bit slower. To be able to spend more time on hobbies, on reading, and on self-expression. And, grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with my cat! 🐈

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I will say the: "1 year later; unread replies" is rly funny. 

But im glad y'all communing with nature, and having the opportunity to spend time with hobbies and things that bring us solace and peace.


I do think im in less of a love and light position as opposed to the last year, basically capitalism came hitting fast and etc... so things are far from easy to any of us, but one thing i noticed is that I spent the entire year feeling like I've done and achieved nothing with it, especially considering how fast its going, but because of various things i had to update my cv at least 3 times, and each of the times there were things to add to it, and quantifiable achievements even though it really doesn't feel like it.


So basically, things are hard, but non of the achievements we've had are anything to scoff at, and if the world is unkind, its worthwhile to give ourselves the kindness of recognising our efforts and achievements :)



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