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A3 Plague Disposal Timing

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(Great remake BTW)


I've been rushing to eliminate the plagues because they kill towns and people. So I don't miss anything important. So far I've eliminated Slimes and Cockroaches.


Do all plagues kill towns and people?


Is it ok to rush in the plagues? I'm skipping everything in the middle.


Do Troglos/giants kill towns too? Golems? Alien beasts?


Many Thanks.


BTW. In memorial of Johnston, who teleported in solid rock

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All the plagues will affect nearby towns, but you won't see the others as early as Krizsan. Important NPCs will relocate as time passes.


Don't skip too many side quests as they give experience to raise the party level to make fighting easier.


You're welcome and have fun exploring to find hidden items.

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In general terms (you can look up the dates that the plagues take place if you want to), you have a lot more time then you think that you do.  If you do rush and take care of the plagues, you can take a pause before the endgame and do many of the things that you missed, but you can do a lot more side quests waiting for the plagues then you would expect.

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