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[Suggestion] - Repeatable Quests


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I've been going through the new Avernum trilogy and have gone through half of the second game. One of my more annoying moments that I currently have is that in the quest log everything is grouped together. So if I am trying to look to check what one time quests I have left to do, I have to go through the mass of "bring me iron" and "bring me wine" quests that never go out of your quest log, and try and mentally sort them out to figure out what one time quests I have left to tackle. By the end of the games especially, this list gets really big as there are a lot of repeatable quests when you explore the vast majority of the map.


Would it be possible to either have:

1) Different colour on the repeatable quests in the quest log (so the text colour would be in yellow for example), and push them below the other one time quests.


2) Same as above but in Italics instead of colour so there wont be colour blindness issues.


3) A separate list altogether so they get sorted into the quest list and the repeatable quest list.


PS. I posted this in the general and not in Avernum because I also played all Geneforge games ages ago and I think it had the same design, and once I get into Avadon I will probably run in the same issue if it has a lot of repeatable quests. 

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