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Avernum 3: RW problem with delivery jobs & combat in towns

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1. When I found the delivery job board in Krizsan for the first time, there were no jobs there. When I returned two days later, none had appeared. Other job boards that I've encountered work fine. Is this a bug, maybe?


2. When the game tries to find a path for my characters in combat, it may go over the town borders, and this takes the party out of the town. This accidentally happened in Delan.


I downloaded the game through gog.com. It's version 1.0.3. I have Mac OSX 10.13.4.

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1. The Krizsan job board has done the same to me. I'm not sure what triggers jobs. Have you talked to the dispatcher inside?


2. The AI pick a path algorithm is heavily bugged, but much better than in the past. I've had that problem in other towns when I needed to move up to hit even with a range attack. It may get better in future games. 

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