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A3:RW Think an important NPC died...

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I can't find the Sick Boy in Shayder at all, anywhere.

When I first got to town and was looking around, I encountered the Rogues in one of the houses and they killed the light salesman NPC after he decided to be a martyr and dash straight for them (but I encountered him alive in another town) and I'm guessing they may have also killed the Sick Boy as one of them left the house. I don't ever remember seeing him to begin with, so I'm not completely sure, was just checking the guide topic to see if I'd missed anything. I'm much farther in the game now than at the point of killing the Rogues, and found I needed to talk to him to start one of the artifact hunts. Is there anything I can do about this, or is my entire saved game broken now?

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Sick Boy is usually at the docks, but check the Hospital too since some NPCs relocate there. You need him to get Judith to start an artifact quest.


Otherwise you would need to use a cheat code to advance the quest by setting the right SDF. I don't have it to give you.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. We left out containers for it. :)

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You can insert this code into the "beginstate INIT_STATE;"  of any town script:
Code takes effect when you visit the town concerned. Shayder is town t4.
File path is something like:
\Spiderweb Software\Avernum 3 - Ruined World\Avernum 3 Files\Scripts

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Thanks for the quick replies. I triple checked all around town just to be sure and didn't find him anywhere, so pretty sure both he and Spud got killed by that house of Rogues. I'll be more careful with not letting random NPCs get in harm's way when I play through the game again at some point. :rolleyes:


The script worked to allow Judith to take my hard earned coin for the information, much appreciated.

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