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Plan to play every scenario available


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This is actually my first post on these forums but I've played through the Geneforge series and was curious to try and play Blades of Avernum.


I played Blades of Exile forever ago, so the only scenario I remembered was Valley of Dying Things. Playing through that scenario sparked some motivation in me to try all 4 scenarios that it came with.


Those didn't last long so I found this site hosted by a "Tyranicus" and downloaded basically every scenario on there.


I've been motivated enough to create a spreadsheet detailing completion of each scenario and how I felt about it.




I've got basically all of them on hand (z indicates a completed scenario)




What I want to know is if there's any preference to what order some people tend to play through the scenarios?


I like to try and keep a party intact going through multiple scenarios, but my main party is currently on Level 65 and I've started playing with a single player party in some of the other scenarios.


Appreciate any feedback!

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I — and at least a couple others who weighed in when this question came up in the Let's Play thread — would suggest chronological order. Many, many scenarios are related in some way to scenarios that came before them, sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes not.


EDIT: Also, lol at the comment on a TM scenario: "I'm beginning to think that this author is insane."

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Chronological Order seems to make the most sense, thanks for the link to that.


I haven't played through many of the Terror Martyr scenarios, but that dude's a mad scientist.


The canopy one was very different, but fun. The bow and sword I picked up in that scenario saved me dozens of times in the Bahssikava scenario.


Looks like the next scenario is Roses of Reckoning, made by the same guy lol.

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I made a similar post on the BoE forum, but I suppose it's worth mentioning here too.  A lot of the scenarios in Tyranicus' BoA database are outdated versions.  The newer bug-fixed versions are mentioned in the scenario author's own site, which sadly don't exist anymore, and are only briefly accessible via the Internet Archive.


I assume there must be some 'collector' out there who would've managed to grab the newer versions before they disappeared.  Maybe he/she is willing to share their archive (similar to Nephil Thief's google drive archive for BoE)?  I'll try to round-up a list of the outdated mods that I came across.

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Lurker's finding of an updated version of a BoE scenario motivated me to list outdated versions of BoA scenarios that I noticed in Tyranicus' scenario database.  Perhaps someone might have copies of the "unavailable" versions lying around somewhere...

Scenario                      Archived Version  Newer Version
--------                        ----------------    -------------
Adrift                            v1.0.0                     v1.1.0 (https://ephesos.webs.com/adrift.htm)
Darkness                      v1.0.0                     v1.1.0 (https://ephesos.webs.com/darkness.htm)
Shades of Gray            v1.0.0                     v1.1.2 (https://ephesos.webs.com/shadesofgray.htm)
Embers of Rebellion    v1.0.1                      v1.1.0 (https://ephesos.webs.com/embersofrebellion.htm)
Druids of Krell              v2.0.0                     v3.1.0 (https://ephesos.webs.com/druidsofkrell.htm)


River and Leaf              v1.0                        v1.1 Enhanced (http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/BoAGFRiverleafPC.zip)

In the Shadow of Dragons v1.0.0               v1.0.1 UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20090403204018/http://www.freewebs.com/nemesis42888/scenarios.htm)


Gluckcluck                   v1.0.0                      Bug Fix (t3l1dlg.txt) UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20120110145901/http://www.freewebs.com/enragedslith/myscenarios.htm)


Dilecia                          v1.0.1                       v1.0.2 UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20110910170609/http://blades.ermarian.net/scenario/blades-of-avernum/dilecia)


A Good Beginning       v1.0.0                      v1.0.1 UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20110910181826/http://blades.ermarian.net/scenario/blades-of-avernum/good-beginning)


El Presidente               v1.0.0                      v1.0.1 UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20110912010722/http://blades.ermarian.net/scenario/blades-of-avernum/el-presidente)


Turn That Frown Upside-Down 2  v1.0.0   v1.0.1 UNAVAILABLE (https://web.archive.org/web/20100819074742/https://blades.ermarian.net)


Undead Valley            v1.0.0 ???                v1.0.1 (http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/avernum/blades/scen_stuff/medium.html) Version on Spiderweb has later timestamps but missing certain graphics files (G172.bmp)


Outpost Valley is incorrectly listed as v1.0.0.  It should be v1.0.1


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Hmm. I've just checked my backup, and sadly it seems my versions are at least as outdated as what's available online right now. I do remember that I sent TM a fan-made patch for Canopy : Manufactured Womb on Shadow Vale many years ago, but I don't think he ever uploaded it... It fixed a number of bugs, especially regarding the final boss fight, which (if I remember correctly) still didn't work as intended in the final version TM released. I'll see if I can find a copy of it, but since I'd have to test it again before uploading it... Yep, it's likely to take some time.

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On 5/27/2023 at 2:23 PM, BainIhrno said:

For my "Of Good and Evil" port, you should probably use this download to ensure it works properly; some older versions had game-killing bugs.


Thanks for the update.



On 5/27/2023 at 5:40 AM, The Lurker said:

I'll see if I can find a copy of it, but since I'd have to test it again before uploading it... Yep, it's likely to take some time.


No worries, take your time.  I just hope if/when you do release it, the newer version gets enough exposure and the older links replaced.  I suspect many players must have used buggy, outdated versions over the years, had a bad experience or formed a unfavorable opinion, not knowing the author had already spent a lot of time addressing most of their issues.  Only problem was the newer version released by the author was probably in some obscure forum post.  🙃

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Hello everyone,


Here's an update about Canopy : I managed to extract files from a really old cloned copy of an even older hard drive, and finally found the fan patch I made back in 2008. Here's the list of changes for the unofficial v1.0.5 (taken straight from the README file) :


v1.0.5 - The Lurker
11/04/08 - Yet More Major Updates (warning : spoilers)

        *Fixed a bunch of typos, updated both Readme files.
        *Changed scenario rating from "Everyone" to "Mature" due to profanity and violence.
                *Changed Salquj's unidentified name from "Greatsword" to "Sword", since it was made one-handed in the previous version.
                *The Holy Warriors can no longer teleport onto water. They can also no longer be on the same spot. They can still, however, teleport onto pillars, but that's intentional (they can still be hit).
                *Fixed a bug that would cause the Dark Idol statue to reappear after it had been defeated.
                *Fixed a bug that would cause an undefined function error in the Tiger Lair.
        *Fixed a minor bug related to Abhijit.
                *Naturshand will now properly take 40 SP (instead of just 25) from you when you use it.
                *Attempting to enter Machtschrein by fighting the guards will now simply get you killed (as opposed to both killing you AND kicking you out of the scenario).
                *Fixed a bug in Kedalvasser that would allow you to enter Leader's mansion without attacking the guards.
        *Whether you take Alexander's bribe no longer affects Dryfus's reward.
        *Attacking General Adlerauge in the Catacombs before you meet Emery's Shades will now get you killed.
        *Increased General Adlerauge's range of sight (he wouldn't react if you shot at him from afar).
        *Fixed a major display bug when meeting Zauberer.
        *Zauberer should now be utterly unkillable if you don't use the mirror.
        *Made it a bit more obvious that Zauberer takes damage from the mirror. He'll also take longer to die.
        *The dialog pictures for both the White Shade and the Black Shade are now displayed properly.
                *Attacking the White Shade or the Black Shade will now get you killed.
                *Attempting to make the scenario behave weirdly by killing the guard(s) at the entrance of Fortress Grenze before you enter the fortress will now get you killed. Attacking Lealta will also get you killed.
        *Fixed a bug that would cause the gatekeeper to appear twice.
                *Lichtschild now works as intended.
                *Fixed lots of display bugs that occured whenever talking to Trahison (and, to a lesser extent, Unumstš§lich).
        *Tetra-Disaster's base damage has been raised from 75 to 100.
        *Fixed the bug that would cause Todmacher or Klugmann to reappear after you had killed them (this time for real). The fight on the last floor of Fortress Grenze now works as intended.
        *The Summon Archangel spell now lasts 10 turns instead of merely 2-3 turns, as was originally intended. The Archangel is now a mage instead of an archmage/archpriest. It also has a... special ability... (see hints on fighting Red General Shroud if you don't mind spoilers).
                *Prevented friendly, summoned goblins from attacking the Archangel.
        *Added "can't go there in combat mode" warnings in the Border Guard.
        *Made three more graphic sheets for General Shroud for the Windows version, since BoA's "tints" don't work for Windows users.
        *Fixed the Scry spell, and made it display more info on General Shroud.
        *Fixed a bug that could cause General Shroud to briefly disappear before turning blue.
        *General Shroud can no longer absorb/reverse/burn the invulnerability of the character who summons Archangel.
        *Blue General Shroud is now immune to every single attack spell, and will regain a significant amount of HP when absorbing invulnerability.
        *Green General Shroud will now disable Divine Restoration (and give it back after you defeat him); and will properly reverse blessings and invulnerability.
        *Red General Shroud will now significantly lower your HP if you use invulnerability. He will also deal 65 unblockable damage per turn instead of 50, but there's now a way to prevent it...
        *Fixed a display bug that could occur when talking to Miraa.
        *Fixed a bug that could prevent the Obispopiedra from appearing.


Like I said before, I'd really like to test it before uploading it, since I made it such a long time ago and barely remember anything about Canopy. At least I finally got around to buying and downloading Blades of Avernum from GOG...

Edited by The Lurker
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