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Question about compare text special and chaining

Old Beardo

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Good day to you all,


I am having an issue when making a portion of my scenario and want some help.



The player is taking a quiz, where you are asked a question and then must type in the answer. You ask an NPC about "quiz" and it starts the quiz, which is entirely made of specials.


My solution (which does not work):

When you ask about "quiz" to the proper NPC, it triggers a special that checks a completion flag, then it jumps (if passes (you havent completed the quiz yet)) to a "display message" town special which asks the question. This special jumps to a "compare text" town special that acts exactly as you'd expect. This continues for the duration of the quiz: display message, prompt input box, give feedback message repeat.


What actually happens:

You ask the NPC about "quiz" and an input prompt box pops up with ever displaying the "question" message special. If you answer incorrectly, it jumps to the "sorry you got it wrong" dialogue like it is supposed to. However, if you got it correct it jumps straight to the next input box, and so on. The actual quiz answers work correctly, but the chain merely jumps from input box to input box, never displaying any messages.


Possible responses I will circumvent:

-The chain is 100% hooked up in the correct order.

-The questions are correctly done with a "display message" special, not a "display small message" special

-From the moment you ask about "quiz", thus triggering the chain, you are never once displayed a special message box. After asking about "quiz", you are given purely input boxes from the "check input" special until you either: fail, or succeed the quiz in which case it moves on to corresponding dialogue as it should. None of the special "display message" boxes are ever shown in the gameplay.

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If I understand correctly, you're trying to show the question with a Display Message node, right? However, you're triggering the special through a dialogue node. Unfortunately, dialogue alters the meaning of Display Message (instead of showing a dialog box, it sets the eventual response in the dialogue node). If you actually want to show a dialog box to the screen while talking to someone, you'll need to use one of the three 6-string dialog nodes (Display Dialog).

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